IS:2202-(Part-1, 1999)

Flush Doors are Premium doors made from selected timber species by a mechanized manufacturing process which offers uniform thickness without any undulation and smooth surface for lamination. It is treated with durable preservatives using Vacuum Pressure Treatment (VPT) and then Kiln dried to ensure perfect bonding and dimensional stability. High Quality Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resins are used to get the desired boiled water resistant quality. The doors are also guaranteed against warping, bulging, shrinkage, brittleness and cracks.

Thickness(MM) 25 30 32 35 38 40
Technical Specification
Test Prescribed in IS:2202-(Part-1, 1990) Minimum Value for Conformity Observed Value
General Fitness Test as per IS:4020 (Part 3), 1998 Squareness measured Confirmed
Local Planeness Test as per IS:4020 (Part 4), 1998 Planeness measured to ah accuracy of 0.1 m Confirmed
Dimension and Squareness Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 2), 1998 Height and Width measured within an accuracy of 1.0 mm Confirmed
Impact indentation Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 5), 1998 Indentation Measured to an accuracy of 0.1 mm Confirmed
Edge Loading Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 7). 1998 The deflection measured to an accuracy of 0.1 mm Confirmed
Flexure Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 6), 1998 The deflection measured to an accuracy of 0.1 mm Confirmed
Slamming Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 10), 1998 50 times on the nail at the rate of 4-5 dropl min Confirmed
Buckling Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 9). 1998 Deformation measured to an accuracy of 1mm, 5 min. after application of the load and 15 min. after unloading Confirmed
Shock Resistance Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 8), 1998 4 to 5 shocks minimum Confirmed
Misuse Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 11), 1998 Should pass after applying 2OON force to the handle at right angles Confirmed
End Immersion Test as per IS:4020 (Part 13), 1998 No-delamination No-delamination found
Varying Humidity Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 12), 1998 'Deviation measures to an accuracy of 1 .0 mm Confirmed
Knief Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 14) 1998 Minimum Pass Standard Excellent Standard
Screw Withdraw as per IS: 4020 (Part 16), 1998 Applied load should be 2.0 mm per min for complete withdrawal of the screw Confirmed
Glue Adhesive Test as per IS: 4020 (Part 15), 1998 There shall be no-delamination No-delamination found


Moulded Panel Skin Doors are manufactured using imported high quality high density fiber (HDF) skins. We use only 100% borer resistant, Vacuum Pressure Treated (VPT) finger jointed frames, which is a highlighting feature of these skin doors. Our collaboration with all leading branded skin manufacturers in the world gives you access to the entire original collection available in a variety of styles, finishes and textures. These moulded panel skin doors offers superior design, comprehensive workmanship and highly durable quality.